We have two preferred methods for submitting maintenance requests: You should use the online portal for most requests, but if you are experiencing a maintenance issue that is causing damage to the property or that otherwise requires immediate attention, please call our maintenance line at (720) 943-1185.

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You are typically responsible for basic home maintenance like bulb, battery, and filter replacements; minor wear-and-tear; simple drain clogs, etc. Please refer to your lease for details and attempt basic troubleshooting before reaching out to us. Many helpful guides are online.

Using the Online Portal for Maintenance

  • For most requests, you should use the online portal. This will allow you to categorize and describe the request.
  • Please include pictures and review your listed contact information to make sure it’s up to date.
  • Once your request is submitted you will receive an automatic email verifying your request.
  • Please allow us a reasonable amount time to schedule an appropriate technician. We and our technicians may arrange scheduling by email, text, or phone call.
  • You can check your portal for status updates.
  • After your repairs are completed, you may receive a survey asking for you to rate satisfaction with the repair experience.

Maintenance Line: (720) 943-1185

The maintenance line should be used if you are experiencing a maintenance issue that requires immediate attention because it is causing damage or is a safety issue.