General Rental and Occupancy Criteria Guidelines

A non-refundable application fee must be paid for each occupant 18 years age and older. All applications for residency will be evaluated using the following criteria: 1) Rental applications must be processed on all prospective residents. 2) Applicants 18 years of age and older will be the responsible leaseholder. 3) Rental application must be completed fully listing employment and nearest living relative.


Prior to move-in income must be verified by obtaining one of the following: copies of the last two payroll check stubs, or copies of the last 2 months’ bank statements showing income deposits. Must be currently employed, but if unemployed or retired, proof of income/assets should be provided, and equal to 3 times the contractual amount of the lease term. Gross monthly income of combined applicants must be 3 times the scheduled rent of the apartment being leased. Roommate applications must be processed simultaneously.


A minimum of 6 months prior rental history is required and will be verified with previous property manager. An eviction check will be performed on applicants. If an eviction record is returned, the application will be declined.


If any of the following apply, the application will be declined: No verifiable income. Falsification of the application. Criminal record – a felony conviction or pending conviction. Misdemeanor conviction or pending misdemeanor conviction related to weapons, drugs, assault or sex offenses.


A security deposit is required to be paid in full prior to moving in. If applicant is not approved, a check for the full deposit amount will be mailed to the applicant within sixty (60) days of notification in accordance with Colorado Law. Conventional – if after seventy-two (72) hours you or any co-applicant withdraws, we will retain all application deposits as liquidated damages, and the parties will then have no further obligation to each other. All rent, deposits, and fees must be paid by money order or cashier’s check. No cash will be accepted.


Conventional – Maximum number of persons per apartment by Colorado Law: 2 persons per bedroom plus 1. Example : one bedroom limit is 3 people, two bed room is 5 people, etc. In the event family expansion occurs causing the maximum number to be exceeded, residents will have until the expiration of the lease term to transfer to the appropriate apartment to comply with occupancy limits.


Metrex Property Group, LLC uses credit reporting and scoring. This method uses real data and statistics, so it treats all applicants objectively. Your consumer credit report contains information about you and your credit experiences, such as your bill payment history, the number and types of accounts that you have, late payments, collection actions, outstanding debt, and the age of your accounts. If your application is accepted conditionally or declined you will be provided with the name of the credit reporting agencies which provided your consumer information to us.